Matt Feit is a Writer and Problem Solver who currently hangs his hat in Southern California. He was born and raised in Long Island, New York, Graduated from Emerson College in Boston. He’s lived in the greater Los Angeles area for the better part of the last twenty years. He is known for writing horror, comedy, and drama for the screen and commercially for the money.

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Yousof Sekander was born in Kabul Afghanistan and left with his family during the soviet occupation leaving everything behind. He went to school in SFSU where he studied film and graduated in 2003. He loves the creative process of telling a story and understanding how impactful it can be to our society.

He has shot several different kinds of projects from commercials, documentaries (Shadows of Afghanistan), features (Heavy Duty Lover, Eric Roberts/Luis Pizarro), shorts (Paloma, Steven Bauer), sports, reality tv (Michale Vick Project).

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Theodore Ramirez COMPOSER


Theodore Ramirez, born and raised in the Central Coast, CA, began his musical endeavors in his early teens, eventually settling into drum-set and percussion for the majority of the time. In his early musical years, Theodore picked up keyboards and began a musical journey that would lead him to where he is today. Theodore has traveled the world playing music and in early 2015, has put forth more focus into composing alongside regular sessions and touring. Theodore currently holds an AA in Music Composition from the Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) and is now attending Berklee College of Music studying Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games (BA).

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Hanna Sturwold EDITOR


Hanna is a Los Angeles-based editor for documentaries and narrative films, commercials, trailers, music videos, and promotional videos. Her most recent film, the critically acclaimed “Boxed” is currently playing at film festivals around the world.

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Danny Christopher Page, Was born and raised in Scotland, at the age of 18 he moved to NYC and trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Art . He performed in "Pillow Talk" at the prestigious Players Club, NYC. He has performed in "Long Days Journey into Night" as Edmund. After to moving to L.A., Danny wrote and starred in his own short film "Eleven" which was Executive Produced by Guy J. Louthan.He starred in "Chaplin" as the title role Charlie Chaplin, along side James Bryce in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Which received outstanding reviews from people such as Libby Purves, Former Chief Reviewer of The Times.

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Kwabena Darkwah PRODUCER


Kwabena Darkwah (Koby D) was born in Tokyo, Japan to Ghanaian parents who served as Diplomats. He grew up in Ghana and spent many years in Zambia. As a young boy growing up, he was intrigued by the art of story-telling he would see on tv, film, and hear in music. While in his boarding school Achimota Sec. School, his early love for the stage was apparent when he joined other classmates in performing as ‘Boyz to Men’ on Entertainment Night, a night of school entertainment where students perform musical acts in front of their peers.

His later years would take him through college, where he majored and graduated in Computer Science, but also where he took part in local modeling shows. He would later find himself leaving his job in Phoenix, Arizona, moving to Los Angeles and pursuing his dream of acting and music.

Some of his tv credits include performances in hit tv shows such as House, NCIS, Castle, NCIS-LA, and most recently in the new hit drama, Seal Team. His inspiration for making music began in his very early days in Los Angeles. His struggles as an artist during those early years would ignite his passion for self-expression which then manifested as poem entries in his journal, throughout the years that followed. His love for music would eventually lead into him seeking instrumentals for his poems. One of these poems became a song we now know as October ’96. This song would later inspire the creation of a music video, directed by Adetokumboh M’Cormack, which has so far been officially selected into several festivals, and recently won Best Music Video at the Columbus Black International Film Festival. Some of Koby D’s other songs are A Letter to Dear God and KobyD.

In addition to writing and producing music, Koby D also produces films. His latest film, Irish Goodbye is a London International Motion Pictures Award official selection and will be distributed by Journeyman Pictures in the Fall of 2018.

In his spare time, Koby D enjoys working out, hiking,and spending time with his loved ones.

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